Bibi Katholm
Visual artist. MA Painting, Royal College of Art London. Born in Denmark and currently based in Copenhagen.

Bibi Katholm’s work is characterised by an expanded approach to painting resulting in various mix media experiments and driven by a constant curiosity about materiality and recycling. Fabrics and patterns, wood and fur, props and found objects – all of these materials have found their way into paintings and drawings that create an overall impression of inclusion or openness. Through moving image and animation work she has investigated the duration or continuum lacking in traditional painting. Objects and installations are staged with the purpose of expanding a narrative in time and space.
Since her first major solo exhibition with Venue Contemporary Art Gallery in November 2008, she has travelled extensively while exhibiting her work and curating exhibitions internationally. Katholm has had work presented in various group and solo exhibitions throughout Copenhagen and London as well as in Los Angeles, Berlin and Northampton, England.

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Studio Bibi Katholm
1676 Copenhagen V. DK