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The Politics of Love

  ’People today seem unable to understand love as a political concept, but a concept of love is just what we need to grasp the constituent power of the multitude. The modern concept of love is almost exclusively limited to the bourgeois couple and the claustrophobic confines of the nuclear family. Love has become a… Continue reading >

Viva Ultra

  “The Singularity: prepare to be unprepared … … In technology, things get faster. It’s called hyper-exponential acceleration and it has profound implications. Soon, there will be a concatenation of globalization, biotech, climate change, AI, robotics, discovery of life elsewhere, nuclear fusion, maglev trains and carbon nanotubes, all technologically enabled. The hyper-exponential curve that we’ve… Continue reading >

After the Future

  It’s such a clever trick of the mind. We think we’ve got access to all the information in the world, and in theory we do. We think the world has never been more open to us, and in theory it is, but in reality the opposite is true. The overwhelming complexity and our paralyzed… Continue reading >

The Post-Social Condition

  We seem to have forgotten how to be social beings. And the question that keeps popping up when you consider a society that has forgotten about its most basic social values is – how is this even possible? How can this be a ’society’? The complexity of the ’social’ structure in which we live… Continue reading >

The Age of Loneliness

  This is the launch of the ‘In Case We Don’t Die’ journal, hereby dedicated to documenting, discussing and illuminating the depths of loneliness in today’s late capitalist societies, in all its catastrophic manifestations. Until now ICWDD has mainly been concerned with visualizing our collective fear of the future, global anxiety and stress, potential natural,… Continue reading >