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The Politics of Love

  “People today seem unable to understand love as a political concept, but a concept of love is just what we need to grasp the constituent power of the multitude. The modern concept of love is almost exclusively limited to the bourgeois couple and the claustrophobic confines of the nuclear family. Love has become a… Continue reading >

Viva Ultra

  “The Singularity: prepare to be unprepared …  … In technology, things get faster. It’s called hyper-exponential acceleration and it has profound implications. Soon, there will be a concatenation of globalization, biotech, climate change, AI, robotics, discovery of life elsewhere, nuclear fusion, maglev trains and carbon nanotubes, all technologically enabled. The hyper-exponential curve that we’ve… Continue reading >

After the Future

  “We have never been more fully able to describe the world, yet its foundations have never been less certain. Reality is revealed as multiple, polyvalent and contingent; we view our age through a prism of complexity.” *Damian Griffiths, p.19 in Garageland magazine, issue 10.Published by Transition Editions.  Italian critic and media activist Franco ’Bifo’… Continue reading >